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Saturday, 22 March 2014

MOULIN ROUGE: my first time/another Baz Luhrmann masterpiece

I watched Moulin Rogue last night for the first time ever and it has cemented Baz Luhrmann as my favourite auteur in my mind. The visuals were nothing short of divine: OTT use of heart symbols, pinks/reds/golds, beautiful framing, Kylie Minogue dressed as tinkerbell on some kind of absinthe trip, glitter, opulence, tacky songs juxtaposed with beautiful French back drops, the name Satine, petals in a death scene, excitement, lavish can-can dancers... it was another world, which you can't help longing to find yourself in.

In terms of the storyline, I loved the idea of tragic love and searching for love in bohemian Paris. I adored the fairytale like basic boy meets girl, girl has to be in love with rich evil villain theme which is almost subverted through the deliberately tawdry song choices and over the top decadence. It's a really interesting style of presentation.

Also, I couldn't help but feel that many of the loveheart archways and gold colours were referenced in Meadham Kirchhoff's LFW AW14 show set at the Topshop show space. The dreamy romanticism with just a touch of garishness to give it that edge - something that was definitely evident in the film and the show.

Photo from my trip to Paris 2010, digitally manipulated by Elle Shoel

Photo from my trip to Paris 2010

Meadham Kirchhoff live at the Topshop show space AW14: photo Elle Shoel

Meadham Kirchhoff live at the Topshop show space AW14: photo Elle Shoel

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