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Monday, 13 January 2014

Probably the most abstract/vague review of an album ever (I'm losing my mind)

I've had two gin and tonics and I feel sleepy. My mind is blinking awake against the acrid smell of nail varnish remover, which I'm using to dispose of the twinkling purple 'space dust' nail varnish on my fingertips (I like my nails to sparkle as bright as my eyes could/would/should). I can't get rid of the thicker particles of silver glitter, and I think how it's like a metaphor. The brightest shining are the hardest to rub off (I can't rub you off). You have to scratch it off, and that's like a metaphor too (I'll have to scratch you off). Most things are a metaphor if you want them to be. I rub my tired eyelids and smear nail varnish remover on them. It hurts and makes my eyes water, like TCP or balsam. TCP is acid and I'd probably have cried anyway, I think. I've got Warpaint's newest album on and I think that's contributing to the metaphors and/or tears; it's dreamy and dancey and I feel a bit lost in it. Sometimes it's nice to be lost and sometimes it makes you feel worse. My friend Ellis says it's the most ambitious album he's heard from a guitar band in years and I am inclined to agree with him. Warpaint might be the brightest silver space dust remnants. I think that's what I'm aiming for, or to be. I think I want to be scratch off only, shining still, even when I've had acetone scrubbed all over me (that's a metaphor too).

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