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Sunday, 8 December 2013


Let's put Purity Ring's Fineshrine on and watch a really violent movie on mute, drink cola and wear something plastic. Light some neon lights and dance sitting down. Change into a glittery jumper and a glittery smile, and shake your brown hair. Hear the rain against the window, through the shutters. Incessant sirens. 1977 horror film blocking out what might be the real bloodshed in the wailing vans outside, the melodrama of which is incomparable but certainly worth noting. Find a mix on SoundCloud & match it to the magic in your eyes. Lurex tights stretch and contract around your bouncing legs - I mean to say, dance on the sofas and the tables and anything that makes you feel higher than usual. Tweet it, f*ck it, tweet it. Share it. Alt lit, man. It's postmodern... which is about as definable as you. Is there a word for just feeling music and movies and mixes and magazines? Shall we make one?

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