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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shoot me, I like Facebook...

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves…”
- Frida Kahlo

Shoot me, I like Facebook.

I like sharing my photos; I like it when people comment on them with their own anecdotes or opinions, and I like seeing others’ photos and reading their thoughts or what they’re up to. I like communicating in ‘groups’: all sharing something in common and discussing it, or making each other laugh, or showing someone a clever video. Or a stupid video, I like it all the same. I like voting for my friend’s techno mix in a competition and encouraging others to do the same. I like inviting people to my birthday party all in one convenient place. I like having a fan page for my textile designs where I can be discovered by people all over the world. I like depicting (note: not defining) my personality through what I choose to be my cover photo, and what music I ‘like’. I like to see who enjoys similar things to me on their little corner of the internet. I like to add friends I’ve met and write saying it was good to see them. I like discovering music and designers and magazines through my suggested ‘pages’ (nice one, developers). I like wishing people happy birthday where I might not otherwise (read: family friends who’s numbers it would have been weird to ask for). I like seeing photos of my cousin’s prom. I like reading about my friend who left uni’s new ventures. I like posting a link to Arctic Monkeys’ new single for the interested to discover or enjoy. I like seeing where my parents checked in for lunch when they’re visiting my brother at university. I like seeing people happy with their results. Call me nosey, call me self indulgent, call me lame… whatever you will, I like connecting. What’s so awful about that?

Synergy: I love seeing how things work together and bringing things together, in all contexts. Especially in my fabric designs. And I really feel like this development in technology, in social media, video, photography, connection, graphics software and attitudes is breaking boundaries; it's pushing new things for textile design in all aspects. Would we have seen creations like Iris Van Herpen’s Synesthesia collection if it weren’t for scientific advances? Would Mary Katrantzou’s first resort collection be possible if we couldn’t print digitally on all manner of fabrics? Where would the devoted (obsessed) members of the general public have witnessed #LFW if it wasn’t for Vine & Twitter? The answers of course are no, and nowhere. People, places, techniques and styles are forging their own way on to the map… In fact, they’re forging their own map in its entirety: new ideas and innovations referencing from, learning from the past and bringing it to the present. Change is here, and I’m arguing that it’s good and that I like it (if you're in doubt, take a look at Dazed Digital. Incredible.).

Of course, this is all specific to me... but can you look yourself in the eye and say there's nothing out there on the internet for you? You know what, if you can then that's cool too. But just as you might argue that the internet and social media define people nowadays, don't let your aversion to it define you. We're people and personalities whether we've thirty networking sites or zero... let's remember that, however we connect.

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