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Monday, 30 September 2013

LONDON FASHION WEEK is tears in the toilets & McDonald's on the bus... it's also croissants in the black cab and dressing up with models ;)

FIRST OF ALL: I've been the lamest blogger ever and I can only apologise (and hope the below pictures explain/make up for it). I've had a crazy summer; I was working loads back in Manchester, then I went away to France for a week (which I did actually blog about heheheh), then the day after I got back I packed my bags and got on the train for a five week stay with my friend in London. I interned at Ryan Lo studio: designing the show invites, creating the Japanese packaging inspired prints for the t-shirts, running round Soho for buttonholes 15 minutes before the shop shut - the day before the show, sitting on the floor with a microwave meal tying knitted tulle into a fantastical cape, sewing pink crystallised buttons onto coats at 4am, pattern cutting from all kinds of incredible fabrics, learning the lines from the SATC where Carrie falls on the catwalk, getting changed at 8am after not sleeping to head straight to the show, working with the incredibly talented Robbie Spencer & Coline Bach styling the show, choosing furry ears and Converse colours, embroidering lurex flowers, hand stitching green bows to gathered skirts, measuring 7cm between pineapple-covered lace embellishments, and most of all experiencing the unadulterated excitement of an aspiring designer's first time at London Fashion Week.

Yes, there were tears in the toilets and there definitely was a McDonald's on the bus (or about a million takeaways), and there was a 31 hour shift with a total of 0 hours sleep, but, as I said, there were also croissants in the taxi to the Topshop show space, and playing what felt like dress up in a candy box wardrobe with the models before they went on, and Ryan's exhausted efforts to stay awake: "Tell me something OFFENSIVE!" at 5am (hahaha). Ryan's designs, Robbie's styling and the show were something special and I was so grateful to be a part of it. 

The show, soundtracked by Whitney Houston and finishing with the very song Carrie Bradshaw trips to during her runway debut, can only be described as sensational. It was otherwordly, with the mesmerising Chloe Nørgaard opening in a cream 3D floral lace skirt and a beautiful cacophony of Sylvanian family girls in candy colours powering down the runway after her. I say 'powering' on purpose; while the clothes were undeniably sugar syrup sweet, they were also unapologetically womanly and in that gained an enormous amount of what can only be described girl power. In the best way. Because the undiluted cuteness ceased for nobody, the adorable girls were, almost paradoxically, heroines in their own storyline. As ever, wonderfully Bridget Jones. I was surely not the only one entranced - or maybe more enchanted? <3


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