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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Elyse Blackshaw: newest talent & my longest inspiration ;)

One of my best friends Elyse Blackshaw is credited with being pretty much the reason I started blogging. She's also an absolutely amazing designer who's just graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, and today I went to see her degree show exhibition. It was wonderful, her designs are so exciting and engaging. Her collaging technique is really effective in visualising the way her fabrics work on the body and as garments, and her marks and prints are vibrant and involve a lot of movement. The beading and embellishment supports the marks and the illustrations embrace the collage aspect of Elyse's designs. The whole styling element is really strong. I have always adored Elyse's way of utilising different media and I find her incessantly inspiring; her talent, her knowledge and her confidence in her work and understanding of how she can push it. So much love and congratulations to her <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The fringing is excellent and so interesting. I'm so inspired by her use of different medias in creating fashion fabrics, her embellishment and prints work so well together.

Rose gold metallic leather. Gimme.

This was one of my favourite of Elyse's marks. I love the scale of it and the colour of the cold with the pink.

Dissembling the prints and reassembling them is another thing I'm really interested in. And the metallic foils (always).

I really need to invest in some promarkers. These marks are wonderful.


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