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Thursday, 6 June 2013

bruised ankles, a sunny day & peach ice tea: the perfect combination to blog about ROMANCE WAS BORN with heheh

I kind of feel like that description in the title of this post sums up the wonderful ROMANCE WAS BORN's Summer 14 Mushroom Magic collection perfectly: bruised ankles - delicacy, a sunny day - colour, and peach ice tea - a little bizarre. I'm obsessed with this collection. Each image I come across I find myself saying "ahhhhh that's my favourite!!!" in my head. I've been arguing with myself for this whole post about which I like best... the answer, of course, is all of them.

I like the pleated, printed and twisted chiffon when it's layered and when it's not; I like the fantastical colours that feel like the trippy "pink elephants on parade" scene in Dumbo ( - the hysteric music, too); I like the early 70s drapery of the fabric; I like the Chupa Chups hair; I like the feathers, beads and ruffles; I like the lacy eye makeup; I like the way the models feel like creatures from another world. A world where I definitely want to be. It's like the school dance scene from Grease meets Disney's Fantasia (obviously tending a little more to the Fantasia side of things). Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, anyone? I adore it. 

These pictures are via Style Bubble, who did an amazing job of reviewing the collection, definitely check it out. Pore over the photos and wish more than anything that you were there. I certainly am doing.

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