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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

party at gatsby's ;)

TODAY IS OFFICIALLY (technically - it's 00:34) THE DAY I GET TO FINALLY SEE GATSBY AT THE CINEMA! I've been so excited. I've literally been bringing it up in every conversation hahahaha, my friends keep rolling their eyes at me because I never shut up about Leo or how perfect Carey Mulligan is as Daisy Buchanan. I read an excellent article in American Vogue about Daisy and her role recently, definitely check it out if you can. I'll have more to comment after I've seen it, but at the moment I couldn't think of anyone better. She's enchanting in that kind of bewitching way, and waif like enough to be magical, but not to look trashy. 

I read the book recently and it was amazing, and I'm obsessing over Baz Luhrmann a little at the moment anyway so I really am the giddiest person ever right now. I'LL POST LATER with my review heheheh xxxxxxx

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