Fashion fabric designer/maker

Thursday, 2 May 2013

KLOÉ handmade dress & fabric collection

Quartz crystal, henna, Sauvignon Blanc in cheap wine glasses, too many rings, Pixies, silk, floor length dresses, bell sleeves, Stevie Nicks, pink lipstick, beehive hair, stick on gems, indoor tarot card reading, Jimi's blazers, fringing, oversized platforms, strawberry cocktails, summer wind, frayed edges, long scarves, petals, record players, vintage belts, brunette hair, nervous smiles, raw pearls, clashing prints, M.I.A.'s Maya, wide brim hats, festival sunshine, holding hands with your loved ones, gigs in grimy venues, alcoholic milkshake, full sketchbooks, nose piercings, choker necklaces, sneaky kisses, Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, Sandy at the end of Grease, Jane Eyre, beaded tights, Chloé S/S 13, Kaya Scodelario, back tattoos, short poems, Johnny Depp with long hair, cherry blossom, distorted lenses, scribbly drawings, kaleidoscope eyes, tutus, fireworks, sheer fabric, French, crunchy guitar, Death Proof, McQueen and Ziggy Stardust...

KLOÉ collection designed & made by Elle Shoel.

All images & designs copyright Elle Shoel 2013.


  1. Your work is amazing! xx

  2. Wow well done Elle!! Awesome! So vibrant! And love the vibrancy against the simplicity of that gorgeous white dress xx So great!! X Lizzy

    1. Thanks so much Lizzy, it means loads to hear it from you! xxx