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Monday, 18 February 2013

When I fell in love with a girl called Chloé

For anyone who's ever fallen in love, you'll know what I'm talking about. Raised heart rates, a sweet tonic for your eyes, something different noticed and appreciated every day, when six years doesn't affect your feelings one iota. And that first moment, when you know. It's like an uncontrollable decision: this is it. This is who I am. I am no longer lost in my mind, I am found. It's more than infatuation. It's permanent, and it's perfect and it's how you always and never knew you wanted it to be.

For anyone who's ever been involved with fashion, you'll know how a certain collection makes you feel the exact same. For me, I fell in love with Chloé when I saw their S/S 07 ad campaign in the Vogue my mum subscribed to. It was the moment when I knew that there was nowhere else I wanted to be than in the design world. I ripped the pages out and had them on my walls for years... I think it's funny how this campaign may not even have registered for some people, and yet for me, six years later, it is still my all time favourite. I don't know quite how to explain this to someone who doesn't see it, much like being in love with a person. Is it the paradoxically clean composition and dirty feel to the photography? The wavy blonde hair? The brunette fringe? The immortal Chloé logo? The combination of retro colours and modern fabrics? Leather and velvet?
It is; it's all of these, and not quite any of them at the same time. This campaign just holds something for me that makes me know it's right. I don't need to justify it. The fourteen year old me can still feel the excitement of seeing this on the glossy paper for the first time, the struggle of trying to explain how it made me feel to my mum, the torn edges blu-tacked to my wall. I don't need to tell anyone else, but I want to so badly: I'm in love.

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