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Sunday, 24 February 2013

darkness, intrigue, mystery, doom & light: CHELSEA WOLFE, musician & inspiration

It is not only Chelsea Wolfe's hauntingly beautiful music that has captured my heart in its entirety, but her mysterious presence and darkly ethereal aesthetic too. I've fallen for her completely, and all I want to do is to make clothes that she would wear 24/7 (in fact, watch out for my next textiles project because I really do think it would be something she'd adorn - soft leather, silk & iridescence). 

Her music feels like a sparkling bullet to your brain - it's painfully beautiful, and enchantingly piercing. The combination of dark poetry and shards of kaleidoscopic melodies makes for an absolutely enthralling album (I'm referencing her Unknown Rooms here, but the same does actually apply to her other songs too). Chelsea Wolfe feels intangible, like she's somewhere we haven't reached yet. From her floor length dresses to her black veils, she has an almost ghostly presence. In the best way. 

black lace, messy hair, smoke bombs, chiffon dresses, biker boots, leather, black, cream, eyeliner, purple lipstick, gothic jewellery...

Poster by Danielle Mariott 


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