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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I read Luella Bartley's Vogue article on David Bowie today, and I couldn't help but feel I have something to say too. Music is a huge influence in my life & work, and Bowie is definitely at the forefront of that. I love melodic grunge and I love angry punk, but I also have a soft spot (my girly weakness) for glitter, sparkling purples, joy, laughter, glamorous anguish, gold latex, zig zags, excessive makeup, neon lipstick, kissing, flares and striking rhythms. Who better than Bowie to satisfy these desires? 

Because that's what Bowie is for us all. He satisfies our desires; the places we're too afraid to go. He broke the boundaries that we didn't want to, he touched the stars when we were in the dark. And he took us with him through his music.

"He dressed it up in embroidered silk, in lightning strikes of makeup, lurex and jewelled earrings, Egyptian headdresses, printed, beaded leotards, Kabuki theatre, mime, flamenco suits, velvet, stars, neckties, eyepatches, boxing gloves and skin tight jumpsuits. This was far from a glam rock joke." - Luella Bartley on Bowie, Vogue March 2013. 

When described, he sounds like a crazy sex story, like a fantasy. He sings like one too.

A mixture of my own Bowie inspired work, and photos of the man himself. x

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